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The Whole Life Fertility Plan by Kyra Phillips

The Whole LIfe Fertility Plan

A proactive and comprehensive guide to help you understand and preserve your fertility options. 

Does stress affect your fertility? Should you be worried about chemicals in your lipstick? Should you avoid materials made with plastic? How does diet affect your chance of conception? Should you be eating only organic food? Does acupuncture increase your chances? How old is too old? In THE WHOLE LIFE FERTILITY PLAN, Kyra Phillips and Dr. Jamie Grifo answer all your pressing questions about fertility health—and address things you didn't even know to ask—whether you're planning to wait to have kids or are starting the process now. 

Phillips spent hers 20s and 30s building her career, and wasn't ready to start a family until she turned 40. She met with Dr. Grifo, the director at the renowned NYU Fertility Health Center, and after an uphill (but ultimately successful) battle on the road to conception, she learned that there were a number of things—simple things—she could have been doing differently over the years. 

For too long, women have believed that when it comes to their fertility, their bodies will cooperate when the time is right. But fertility is not unlike heart health; it's important to be proactive. As women are becoming increasingly aware of their fertility health and waiting longer to have children, they are starting to take control of their fertility long before they are ready to start trying. 

Whether you're in your 20s, 30s or 40s, and want to start a family now or down the line, don't leave it up to chance—educate yourself about what affects your fertility.


"Millions of young people approach fertility with anxiety, both from lack of good information and the pressures of social expectations. The Whole-Life Fertility Plan gives you the guidance and information to reverse the anxiety and regain a sense of connection and control. This book is the essential guide for anyone planning a family from preconception to birth regardless of what stage of their fertile life they are in, and no matter what the challenges. No one who wants to have children should be deprived of that privilege in today's age of biological miracles." 
-- Deepak Chopra, MD

"The Whole Life Fertility plan is a profound and thorough roadmap to fertility. Kyra's story mirrors my wife and my journey through IVF. The fears, loses and then the ultimate joys of giving birth and starting a family. Along with Dr. Jaime Gifro, who is the curator of facts and as I called our doctor, a mad scientists who created miracles for us, this book can help you have the family you have always dreamed of."

-- Cat Cora, Chef 

"Grifo and Phillips have written a unique and highly informative book, "The whole life fertility plan." Innovative in style and not only is it fully packed with practical information, but the dialog between the patient Phillips and doctor Grifo in regards to multiple topics, is both entertaining as well as comprehensive. The current content will be informative to all interested in fertility as well as provided a pattern for a healthy lifestyle."

-- Alan DeCherney, MD, NIH

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