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Kyra Phillips in an Investigative Correspondent for ABC News. She joined the network in April, 2018.

Phillips created a school newspaper in the 4th grade, landing her first interview with Dr. Seuss. That was just the beginning. From covering war zones to the South Pole, and interviewing icons from U.S. presidents to Mother Teresa, Phillips’ journalistic journey has been nothing but awe-inspiring.

An award-winning journalist, Phillips joined CNN in 1999 anchoring Live From, CNN Newsroom, American Morning, and moved to HLN in 2012 to anchor Raising America with Kyra Phillips, a daily interactive, investigative program that focused on news impacting the modern American family. She also led the network’s 2012 election coverage. 

She has traveled the world to cover and investigate a wide range of breaking news, including four tours reporting in Iraq, first as an embedded journalist aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, then covering the war, and its effect on the Iraqi people. Her stories included the Baghdad School for the Blind, substance abuse within the Iraqi military, and an exclusive look inside Saddam Hussein's cell and his personal diary. 

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