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past events
  • Harvard Medical Forum

  • Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

  • Resolve, The National Infertitlity Association

  • USC - Commencement Speaker (alum)

  • San Jose State Commencement Speaker

  • Kasas Wesleyan U Commencement

  • The Martin Luther King Center’s, Salute to Greatness Award Gala

  • National Center for Civil and Human Rights

  • Southern Center for Human Rights Frederick Douglass Awards

  • Catfish Club, San Diego, CA

  • TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) Galas, with National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar, Good Grief Camp, golf tournaments

  • U.S. Coast Guard Foundation Galas

  • Fisher House Foundation galas/golf tournaments

  • Navy SEAL Foundation Gala

  • Media training, Military Flag Officers

  • Purple Heart Homes galas and golf tournaments

  • USO Armed Forces Gala & Gold Medal Dinner

  • Tailhook Association

  • Naval Aviation Museum Foundation

  • Cox Communications, Salute to Teachers live broadcast

  • Judson Women’s Leadership Conference

  • Mom 2.0 Summit

  • Women for Women International

  • The National Women’s Show, Toronto, Canada

  • New Orleans Press Club Awards

  • Asian American Journalists Association

  • The Women’s Auxiliary, Salvation Army

  • Global Down Syndrome Foundation

  • Brain Tumor Foundation for Children galas and golf tournaments

  • GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center Gala

  • The Voice of Wellspring Living, fighting human trafficking

  • Voice Today Legacy Ball, breaking the silence and cycle of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

  • Sages and Scientists Symposium with Deepak Chopra

  • Various speaking engagements with Deepak Chopra

  • The Book of Esther

  • Business Wise, Greenbrier’s omen in Business Leadership Conference

  • The Heart of Leadership, Empowerment Project

  • National Women's Show, Toronto

Past speeches

Never Have a Plan B


Kyra started a school newspaper when she was in the fourth grade and her first interview was with Dr. Seuss. Pretty big scoop for such a young writer, so you would think finally making it to CNN was easy to achieve. Quite the opposite. Kyra’s stories of struggle, heartache and determination to make it in one of the most competitive careers will astound you. When her college commencement speaker told the class, “in this business you better have a plan B,” Kyra refused to listen. That’s probably why she can tell you about Mother Teresa, the South Pole and flying strike fighters in such intimate detail. Let Kyra share her thoughts on empowerment and inspire students and adults alike as to why you should never doubt your dreams.


Flying Strike Fighters, SWAT Training & Golf: How I got the Stories Nobody Else Could


Kyra got resistance, pushback and downright rejected from the “boys club” time and time again, but she refused to take no as an answer. It worked and she broke barriers. Kyra details exclusive assignments from around the world and how a unique journalist operates to get the stories you won’t see anywhere else. She was the first female journalist to fly an F-14 in a combat training mission in the Persian Gulf, all in an effort to understand how the “Shock and Awe” campaign would be carried out from the skies over Iraq. She also trained with several SWAT teams across the country so she could actually report from the “inside” when it came to stories like a high threat situation dominating the national news.


My Inner Power: Family, Fertility & What “Having It All” Really Means


Kyra tells funny, emotional and heartwarming stories as a journalist and how IVF was able to bring her the family she always wanted.

She was 40, divorced, and had no children. So what did this award winning CNN journalist do? She went to Baghdad. Thinking that covering a war would put everything in perspective, Kyra returns home to find her house has flooded, losing every earthly possession she had. What was left? A thrilling career, yes….but where was the family she always wanted? Kyra talks about her recent book, “The Whole Life Fertility Plan: Understanding What Effects Your Fertility to Help You Get Pregnant When You Want To” while weaving in her riveting assignments as an anchor and correspondent.


How Mentors Can Change Your Life: My Letters From Dear Abby, Ed Guthman, and Art Buchwald


Dear Abby told Kyra to always remain genuine, Ed Guthman stressed ethics and Art Buchwald told her he expects to pick up a paper and read about her one day. Kyra achieved those expectations and made her mentors proud. Mentors motivated Kyra and that has inspired her to do the same. She tells stories about her personal mentors why a commitment to mentorship and advocacy is so important.  She is deeply involved with inner city youth, kids with Down syndrome, children with cancer, journalism students, wounded veterans and talks about ways she has used her television platform to implement change. One of her proudest achievements was working with Perkins School for the Blind to get brand new braillers to the Baghdad School for the Blind. Allow Kyra to inspire you to expand your mentorship service.

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Kyra Phillips TAPS
Kyra Phillips
Kyra Phillips
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Kyra Phillips, Global Down Syndrome
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