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Trump Bristles After ABC’s Kyra Phillips Asks: ‘Do You Have an Issue With a Strong Woman of Color Being in This Presidential Race?’

August 14, 2020

President Donald Trump was asked by ABC News correspondent Kyra Phillips whether he has “an issue with a strong woman of color” being in the presidential race, Friday after he called presumptive Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris a “mad woman.”

40 Women To Watch Over 40 Celebrates Possibilities Ahead For Women

The fifth annual Forty Women to Watch Over 40 list celebrates women who are starting businesses and creating new pathways to breakdown the systemic barriers that drive women to opt out of the workforce or miss the C-suite altogether.

CNN’s Kyra Phillips Has a Scoop 20 Years in the Making

CNN’s Kyra Phillips, who covered O.J. Simpson’s murder trial a decade earlier, and who has reported extensively on the case over the years, has landed an interview that is 20 years in the making.

Source: TV Newser / Adweek

What Kyra Phillips Believes O.J.'s Murder Trial Tapes Teach Us Today

Phillips, a veteran CNN reporter, has reported extensively on Simpson, including the 1995 verdict. Now, more than 20 years later, she is unveiling some previously unpublished tapes as part of the special After O.J.: The Fuhrman Tapes Revealed.

Source: Refinery 29

Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award: Kyra Phillips

Global Down Syndrome Foundation honors news anchor Kyra Phillips with the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award at the 2013 Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show. 

Source: Global Down Syndrome Foundation 

There was a time not so long ago when my career would not have been possible. It's hard to imagine it now, but even a few decades ago, journalism was very much a man's world. 


Source: CNN 

Kyra Phillips: Women can have it all

Fox News' Andrea Tantaros talks to Kyra Phillips about her book 'The Whole Life Fertility Plan.' Watch Andrea Tantaros talk about Dotcom Live, Pregnancy, Reproductive Health, and Trending With Tantaros.

Source: Fox

CNN's Kyra Phillips and Dr. Jamie Grifo, who wrote "The Whole Plan," debunk five common myths about getting pregnant.


Source: CNN

John Lennon's Last Words

Go inside the mind of the man who killed John Lennon in a CNN Special Report, "Killing John Lennon."

Source: CNN

Cheerleader with Down Syndrome Gets Huge Surprise

A cheerleader with Down syndrome, whose reaction to making the team went viral, gets a huge surprise from some of her cheer heroes. CNN's Kyra Phillips reports.

Source: CNN

YouTube Sensation Meets Idol

CNN's Kyra Phillips tells Tori Svenson's story as she is surprised by her idol that inspired her YouTube video.

Source: CNN

Opinion: How I Became a 'Seeker'

The gift of an inquiring mind can be both exhilarating and torturous. My job is to ask tough questions, but when it comes to faith, God, and religion, the more questions I ask in my quest for truth and understanding, the more complex the answers become.


Source: CNN

Op-Ed: Female Veterans Coping with PTSD

CNN's Kyra Phillips revisits a woman who served in Iraq and struggles to cope with post traumatic stress disorder.

Source: CNN

Myths About Getting Pregnant

Most people don’t think about their fertility until there’s a problem. But the truth is, it’s never too early to start thinking about it and preserving your fertility. Dr. Manny sits down with the authors of “The Whole Plan,” Kyra Phillips and Dr. Jamie Grifo.

Source: Fox 

Kyra Phillips, John Roberts on Fertility Options in New Book

A look at 'The Whole Life Fertility Plan.'


Source: Fox 

'The First 15' with Kyra Phillips

Co-Host HLN's Kyra Phillips (HLN's "Raising America with Kyra Phillips") joins Anderson to discuss the latest headlines in the "First 15."

Source: Anderson Live 

Kyra Phillips on Balancing Career and Family

Life in the broadcast news business can be filled with travel, odd hours and uncertainty. HLN news anchor Kyra Phillips rose up through the local news ranks before making the jump to CNN. So, is she happy with the sacrifices she made to get where she is today? 

Source: Media Beat 

Kyra Phillips on Keeping Viewers After the Jodi Arias Trial

In this episode of Media Beat, HLN's Kyra Phillips talks with TVNewser managing editor Chris Ariens about her time at CNN and what it's like to work for Headline News.

Source: Media Beat 

Award-winning journalist and anchor Kyra poem to raise awareness for children with Down syndrome.

Source: Huffington Post 

The Whole Life Fertility Plan

CNN correspondent and author of the “The Whole Plan” Kyra Phillips shares her insights about fertility.

Source: Better TV

Jamie Grifo, MD, one of the leading fertility doctors in the country, teamed up with Kyra Phillips, a CNN correspondent and former fertility patient, to co-author The Whole Life Fertility Plan: Understanding What Affects Your Fertility To Help You Get Pregnant.

Source: Mind Body Green 

Fertility By the Book

CNN correspondent Kyra Phillips knows that getting pregnant doesn’t always just happen. In 2011, at the age of 42, she had twins (a boy and a girl) via IVF—and learned how involved pregnancy prep can really be.


Source: Fit Bump

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